“Hi Steve, Thank you for handling of my purchase of the Ace Puller in such a professional manner. We know that you guys have to assist many clients, but you always make ME feel that I am someone special. I am proud to call myself a loyal Port Boathouse customer.

Regards, Rebecca Eppich”

“At the last Rendevous at Roche Harbour (2017) we made a deal to trade in our 2016 C28 for a 2015 C30 from Port Boat House. Today the boat was delivered and we had our orientation with Paul H. Beautiful day on the water and we are still over the moon with the new boat. We would really like to recognize the fantastic customer service we have received from the team at Port Boat House. If you live in BC – these are your go to people. Cutwater / Ranger Tugs are superior vessels as most of you know and we are looking forward to a great boating season. See you at the next factory rendezvous!!”
Dave and Sally
C30. Sally Forth
Mill Bay, BC. Canada

“Mike. I just want you to know how very kind Chris was to Marilyn and I yesterday, when we had an emergency situation with our west “Lola”. He had an appointment made with the vet, and be the time we arrived at the dock he had my truck there and directions how to find the clinic. I would like do do something for Chris, but I won’t interfere with your employee management. I am writing this note to you to express just how we feel about the service at the Port Boat House. I write this note to you as I think you should know how we feel about Chis and the help he gave us that had nothing to do with the Cutwater boat. Again, many Thanks”
Dave Gourley

“Good evening Brad, Nicole and I would want to thank you for spending time with us on Friday and answering all are questions. You and the entire team at the marina provided the very best in customer service and most importantly made us feel very welcome. When we left on Saturday, we know that we made the right decision with both our boat selection and working with the best marina in North America. In summary, it was by far the best customer service that we have experienced in decades from any vendor – first class!”

Nicole and Scott

“Hey guys just left Port Boat House, and we’re super happy with the boat. And the whole experience today was awesome, Alysha and Cptn Paul were great, thanks for making things right ! We’ll be in touch.”

“BTW, love the boat. Recently another new North River only larger OS2500 series showed up here in Stika. Word getting out as I have had many individuals asking me about the boat and I have directed them to the Port Boat House website. All agree, its the perfect boat for this area. Thanks again!”

Neil Akana 

“Greetings Dave, Jeff & all staff We wanted to send a quick update. As we readied ourselves for the rendezvous in Little Current early August a decision was made.  We are doing the ‘Great Loop’.  We officially started our trip at the Wiarton Marina in Ontario on Georgian Bay  August 3/14.  With lots of family and friends in that area it was the perfect place to leave our truck and trailer and start the journey.  And after meeting so many people at the Ranger Tug/Cutwater rendezvous we were even more certain it was for us. After leaving Little Current in Ontario we made our way through the North Channel and spent time in St. Ignace with, of course, a trip to Mackinac Island.  The Mackinac Bridge is where you leave Lake Huron and enter Lake Michigan.  We cruised the eastern shoreline and worked our way to the southern end and crossed to Chicago.  What a trip!!  After 4 days in Chicago (where we were definitely out of our element) we entered our first ‘lock’ dropping us into the river system. If you have never experienced ‘river cruising’ in this area you should.  What an experience!  The ‘tugs’ here are like nothing we have ever seen.  The length of barges they push is unbelievable and if not seen with our own eyes we would have thought not possible.  Some of them are pushing up to 12 and 14 barges all connected and some stretching up to 1500 feet and more.  When they reach the locks they have to separate the barges and push part through then wait to get the remaining barges in.   This can cause crazy delays at the locks, but we find it’s all part of the amazing journey.  You can try to plan your day but the locks determine if you are going to make it. We spent quite a bit of time at marinas as we cruised Lake Michigan as weather was not great so we are now trying to anchor out as often as possible. Currently we are in Grafton, Illinois  at Mile 0 on the Illinois River… and Monday we will be leaving here and entering the Mississippi River.  The plan is to be in Florida by early November where will spend the winter cruising the keys and definitely cruising to the Bahamas.  In March we will start working our way up the ‘inter coastal Waterway’ and eventually after more locks.. we will pull into the Wiarton Marina in Ontario… completing the ‘The Great Loop’. Our 28’ Cutwater is the perfect boat for this trip.  Dockage is reasonable and with our draft & height we don’t have the concerns other boaters have.  Again…. We couldn’t be happier with our choice and as always we continue to thank both of your for all of you help.  We promote your companies everywhere we go and can’t say enough good things about our boat.  It has run beautifully for us not one issue to report.  All agree that this is THE PERFECT BOAT FOR THE GREAT LOOP. All the best”
Ken and Pauline

“Hi Dave, We were taken care of an CANNOT BE HAPPIER, with your service.  Dave, everyone there was GREAT.  The service was great and we bought more products from you…………..I really can’t say enough about you guys and, we have many, many, many boating friends, in fact, one just bought a $50,000 Campion off you guys and we have another friend who will be selling his boat soon and getting another one.  We will recommend you guys first and foremost over everybody.    We are pushing you as the best place to deal with for sure………..You especially were great to deal with Dave.  We will be back.   I would like to request that you pass this email onto your boss or the owner.  In an economy when most service is “challenged” you guys come out ahead and gave terrific service.  Thank you, thank the young fellow who lives in Nanaimo and did up our purchases at the Parts counter (sorry, didn’t get his name) the older mechanic who adjusted our trailer, the young mechanic that was sooo very good and nice and the woman who does the parts (dark hair).  Everyone who works at this location,  needs a raise………………….THANKS AGAIN……”
Cheryl Kuczerski

“Attn: Dave Turner, Just want you to know that we are having a wonderful experience with our Ranger 27.  While there have been a few minor glitches, Kenny Marrs has been great to work with and very, very responsive to my needs.  I tell everyone I talk with that the distance from here to Port Boat House should not be viewed as an obstacle to doing business with you.  You find a way to work things out and dealing with all of you has been most easy and enjoyable. I love the Ranger, the people at Fluid Motion have been great, and my buying experience with Port Boat House has been most pleasant.  I do recommend all of it to everyone who strikes up a conversation with me about the boat – and there are many, many!  This thing attracts a huge amount of attention everywhere we go, whether it is on the water, in a marina, at a launch site, or just trailering down the road or in a parking lot.  It feels really, really good to be so comfortable speaking positively about our current boating and buying experiences.”
Jack Anderson  

“Dear Mike, I would like to let you know how pleased my wife Christy and I are to have purchased a 23’ C-Dory Venture from Port Boat House in July 2008.  We I would especially like to complement you in choosing Dave Turner as a sales representative for your company. My first contact with Dave was with an e-mail response from Port Boat House in March 2008. Shortly afterwards we drove out from Nanaimo to view a 22’ C-Dory Cruiser and meet Dave. He had prepared a 22’ Cruiser for viewing by setting up the camper canvas in advance for us to see. After our initial meeting with Dave I later conversed several times on the phone and by e-mail with him. We next met Dave again at the Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo Boat Shows. He has consistently been exceptionally helpful in offering information and service. Even after the sales contract was signed, Dave continued to conscientiously help us make decisions on motors and other rigging additions. Consistent honesty is a way to gain my trust and time after time Dave backed up what he said with his actions. I asked his personal opinion several times and appreciated his honest, experienced, feed back. We never once felt pushed into a deal and have always found Dave to be very cheerful and pleasant to deal with. My wife Christy Foyers is a 20 year real-estate sales person, presently with Remax of Nanaimo. We must say to you that we have been highly impressed with Dave’s relaxed friendly and professional approach. Christy and I are avid, experienced, year round boaters who travel most of the British Columbia Coast. We look forward to sharing on our travels, the pleasant experience we have had with Dave Turner and Port Boat House Ltd. Thank you for the great business you offer to the boating community. Cheers”
Ross Ballard and Christy Foyers

“Hi Dave, We just wanted to let you, the gang there, and the people at Cutwater (Jeff esp.) know that their sales are going to be going up!! We trailered our beautiful Cutwater from Alberta to Ontario end of May this year. It sure draws attention! Everywhere we stopped people came up to us wanting info about the boat and commenting on how lovely it looks.  We camped at a few KOA camps along the way and even stopped overnight a couple of times in Walmart parking lots. We are calling the boat our “Boater Home” Once in Ontario we spent 3 weeks touring Georgina Bay in the Wiarton area. It is a beautiful peninsula on the Niagara escarpment with water so clear and clean you can drink it. So clear you can see the skeletons of sunken ships from years gone by. From Wiarton we travelled up the peninsula, spent a night docked in Lions Head  and then off  to Tobermory.  The next day we crossed the bay to an area called the North Channel with one of the largest fresh water islands in the world (Manitoulin Island).  Amazing!!  Everywhere we dock we draw attention. Quite a few people have come up to tell us they saw the Cutwater at the Toronto Boat Show and were very interested in checking our boat out from head to toe.  Which we are always more than happy to oblige.  We just couldn’t be prouder.  An owner, at one of the Marina’s we stayed in, came down to us with his Tugboat pamphlets (from the boat show) in hand and I do believe he was drooling.  I had to apologize to his wife the next day because she said all he talked about that night was our boat. Those who haven’t heard of the Cutwater come back and tell us they just had to run back and google it… so as we said… Sales are going to go up!! We have nothing but positive things to say about our new boat. We couldn’t be more comfortable and it is working out perfectly for us.  In fact we are now planning to just leave the boat in the water here, spend the summer in this area and then head down the inter coastal waterway and find our way to Florida for the winter.  Ken is fully retired now and I have been working remotely for my last remaining client.  So ….LIFE IS GOOD !!!  We are living our dream. All the best… we hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy; Hope you have a wonderful summer”
Ken and Pauline Phillips