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2024 Yamaha Grizzly 90


  • Robust 90cc Engine
    • 90cc four-stroke SOHC engine
    • Tuned for excellent low-to-mid range performance
    • Air-cooled for simplicity, performance and long service life
    • Proven wet-sump lubrication
  • Push-button electric starting backed up by an auxiliary kick starter.
    • Electric starting makes learning to ride more fun
  • Automatic Transmission
    • Fully automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT) means no shifting.
    • Handy and something younger riders will appreciate.
    • Standard reverse simplifies maneuvering the Grizzly 90 in tight spots
  • Compact and Durable Drivetrain
    • Engine power is transferred to the rear wheels via a tried-and-true O-ring chain
    • Optimized angle for superior rear shock performance
  • Modern, Reliable Electronics
    • The CDI system means reliable ignition performance and a sealed, maintenance-free battery helps to provide worry-free performance
    • Handlebar-mounted reverse and neutral indicators keep the rider informed in all situations
  • Spark arrestor equipped exhaust system.
    • Quiet design
    • “Cleanable” spark arrestor prevents stray sparks from exiting the exhaust
    • Heat shield protects young riders from hot components


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