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Designed from the ground up to be smarter, more powerful and more efficient, the Yamaha 5.6-litre V8 XTO Offshore is much more than an outboard; it’s a fully integrated power system. It’s created an entirely new class of extreme offshore power. To help meet the extreme electrical demands of today’s larger boats, the second-generation “B” model Yamaha XTO Offshore now features a new three-phase, simultaneous charging system.


  • Even more charging power: Using Phase Angle Control (PAC), which adjusts the intensity of the stator’s magnetic field, XTO Offshore B models produce up to 96 net amps per engine in neutral. The new XTO Offshore provides more power for today’s popular on-board, high-demand devices like gyro stabilizers, air conditioning, sound systems, and more, all while keeping starting batteries constantly charged.
  • Highest compression ration in an outboard: Get more “bang” from every spark with a 12.2:1 compression ratio: better efficiency, more power and incredible throttle response. 
  • Plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders: This micro-textured surface is 60 percent harder than steel, yet significantly lighter and thinner, increasing displacement without increasing the size of the powerhead. Other benefits include reduced friction, faster heat transfer and improved fuel economy.


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