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ABD Boats was started by Burton Drody and Alan Dawson in 1987 and is still based out of their first North Vancouver Location. Burton and Alan got their start in the industry by building jet powered seine skiffs and gill netters for Alaska. After getting some experience with these small craft they then moved on to build 5 seiners for the BC fishery. ABD then turned their attention to the yacht market, building a 72', 80', 90' and a 120' trawler style yacht as well as a 63' sleek yacht with a top speed of 45 knots. ABD has also built numerous smaller commercial vessels during their 34 years in operations. These consist of vessels like water taxies, whale watching vessels ranging from 20' to 70' and in recent years the construction of two 110ft aluminum fish packers, two 24m high speed aluminum whale watching catamarans and five steel ship docking tugs, all for local industries. ABD takes pride in using only premium grade aluminum alloys, 5086 and 5083. These alloys render higher strength, better corrosive properties and have a much harder durable surface. This is one among many of the reasons why ABD has earned their solid reputation for building high quality boats.